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Avon tires

Avon is one of the best known tire brands with a 100 year old manufacturer tradition. The company founded in 1885 has been a proud partner of the Formula 1, what the sporty character of Avonreifen significantly contribute. Besides high-quality tires for cars Avon also manufactures premium motorcycle tires for high performance on two wheels.

Avon - Longtime Partner of Formula 1

For the sports and quality of Avonreifen speaks primarily the fact that the mark is an official partner of this racing League ever since the first Formula 1 race. Powerful race cars of Formula 1 are equipped with the best Avonreifen for highest performance. The acquired in Formula 1 know-how used Avon also in the production of car and motorcycle tires. Avonreifen for cars are therefore particularly suitable for sporty driver that have a particularly high demands on security and performance. They enable excellent acceleration and braking on dry, wet and wintry conditions. Increased performance promise Avonreifen for motorcycles. Its unique profile structure allows bikers a comfortable and sporty ride yet.

Avon tires for enhanced performance and comfort

Among the best Avonreifen for a comfortable and safe car journey of Avon belongs ZV3 summer tires. It is available in all standard sizes, so it can be mounted on almost all vehicles in the middle and upper class. The specialty of this tire: Thanks to the speed index Y pace of up to 300 km / h You can be achieved. Therefore, this tire model is ideally suited for sports cars known manufacturers. For increased performance and comfort Avonreifen provide bikes like the AV79. This tire from the §D Ultra series offers precise handling and increased braking performance on dry roads. In addition to summer tires the traditional British brand also offers high quality winter tires .

mature Avon are an excellent compromise of sportiness and driving comfort. Innovative Formula 1 technologies Avon is often the first choice for discerning drivers and motorcyclists. Avonreifen be tested under the most severe circumstances, which is why they are considered particularly safe and reliable.

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