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In comparing products and prices tires are included from many different manufacturers. If you want to buy tires from a specific manufacturer, can be seen on the side of the tire on the tire brand box, select the appropriate manufacturer and display the tire offered. Included is the premium tire manufacturer Continental.

Continental - a brand with tradition

start early in 1871 in Hannover nine bankers and industrialists, the "Continental Caoutchouk- and gutta percha Compagnie". The protected until today trademarks, the so-called "horse brand" is 1882 registered with the Imperial Patent Office. In the late 1920s, some major companies of the German rubber industry unite for common "Continental Gummi-Werke AG". As a result, exporting more and more. From 1979, the international focus is being driven. Today Continental is a great company and ranks among the top five automotive suppliers. In Europe, it is ranked number 2. Quality is top priority at Continental. So Continental tires achieve top marks again and again. Among the test winners of the ADAC summer tire test 2013 are again Continental tires.

mature advantages of Continental

Customers have different needs and desires of their tires. This corresponds to Continental. The manufacturer has a variety of tires on offer, both for small cars as well as vehicles of the upper middle and upper class. Also 4x4 tires with different profiles are. For what Continental tires you also chooses - it features high quality. The 2013 tested summer tires Series PremiumContact 5 are, for example, balanced, combining the advantages of reliability in different weather conditions and durability, meaning that they do not wear out as quickly. The Sport Contact 5 was in the ADAC test in 2013 among the best tires in the wet and also very safe on dry surfaces. He is such that low fuel consumption is achieved.

If you want to buy new tires, always worth a product and price comparison. Each year current tires are tested. Continental tires are consistently on the front seats.

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