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Falken preserve tires rapidly through life

The Japanese tire manufacturer Falken, whose name stands for speed, high-performance and precision, is a tire manufacturer from high quality budget segment . Falcon manufactures high-performance tires and energy-saving tires. The experience won in the production of racing tires will be transferred directly into the technology of the series products. The openness and flexibility allows the company to improve the tire Falk constant and develop.

From racing to the car

With imaginative and creative designs Falken since 1983 high-quality branded tires ago that are characterized by their good performance. The special handling characteristics that are put to use especially in racing, making the tire Falk in Nürburgring, World Rally Championship and the GT championships very known. On one hand, the company produces high-performance tires for the world famous race tracks, on the other hand energy saving road tires. In the production respects hawks on stability and accurate handling, in addition, a great value is placed on the tire performance on wet roads. Consequently, the services provided, the company Falken customers greatly appreciated.

Falken tires: always in use and always ready

At the sprawling Hawks offer include both summer tires as winter tires . The summer tires provide high efficacy against wet, slippery roads ready. In addition, they offer a low rolling resistance, which is due to their different tire profiles. In snow, wet or muddy the Falk tires provide a perfect and safe driving experience. In addition, offers to the company Falken off-road, bus and truck tires. The quality tires offer here a long mileage.

Ratings and Reviews give a very positive image. Especially Falk tires are suitable for experienced faster riders who like to leave their cars. The driving comfort with tire offers a wonderful ride quality. Whether in the field or in the city: These tires demonstrate their quality proof.

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