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Heidenau tire - Professional Pneus for Bikes and karts

Heidenaureifen are special tires for motorcycles and karts. In 2012 as the 'Best Brand' declared tire manufacturer is all about tires and tubes - from the moped to the car Oldtimer. Heidenau is widely recognized as the most M + S moped tires. In biker circles it is said that the front and rear tires "depart almost synchronously". Moreover Heidenaureifen among the few winter tires that are manufactured for motorcycles.

mature Heidenau score with dimensions

The list of versions of Heidenaureifen long. It includes approximately 550 developments. From Trabant tire, about babies for Barkas up to the last - remaining by the Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau the GDR - Brand Multicar. Heidenau is known for its adaptable production processes. They allow the company to respond individually to specific requirements - and that, even for small batch sizes. This explains the many models of scooter and moped for motorcycles , scooters, racing and vintage car. Only for motorcycles offers Heidenau on a comprehensive range of tires for motocross, enduro and road. The range of Roller consists of all-round, classical and street tires. In racing, the supply fan out in motorcycle and scooter tires. Those looking for nostalgia, will find in vintage and classic tires. In optics retro, in the art, however, the latest in life Heidenaureifen of modern tire compounds are made using the latest materials, ensuring excellent driving characteristics are achieved.

Heidenau - a moving company's history

tire plant Heidenau produced mature Heidenau only since 1994 under the name. Is preceded by a history, die1946 with the establishment of a company begins to produce molded rubber parts. After six successful years in this field, the production will be extended to bicycle tires and passenger car tires under the name "Heidenau" from 1952nd From 1969 until the turn of the work belongs to the state-owned Kombinat "Pneumant" the former GDR. 1990 Pneumant is converted into corporations, from which 1994 other shows today's tire plant.

Long tradition and highly flexible production processes make Heidenaureifen to experts in the field of special tires.

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