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The company Pirelli is the guarantor of quality summer, winter and all-season tires. With an online comparison also all models compared and money can be saved.

Proven Quality since 1872

The company Pirelli was founded in 1872 and is one of the most famous manufacturers of car and truck tires. Pirelli tires are among the highest quality products on the market. The company invests more funds to develop new tires and test. Only after positive tests, the new car tires are added to the existing program to ensure motorists maximum security. Summer tires, the manufacturer of many vehicles - including cars and SUVs. Available are the models for different wheel sizes . In addition, the manufacturer Pirelli tire for trucks on offer, which are characterized by high quality.

Driving safety in all weather conditions for car and truck drivers

The company Pirelli attaches importance to driving safety and optimum performance of manufactured tires. Produced winter tires are characterized by high durability and safety. To maintain the quality of Pirelli tires over a long period, it is advisable to check periodically the air pressure and pay attention to irregular wear. For each tire, the manufacturer issues a so-called speed rating and the load index. This call, up to the speed at which the tire should be used, or up to which the kilogram number they can be charged. This should be followed carefully to avoid damage to the tire or accidents. With high-quality winter tires Pirelli branded car and truck drivers come safely through the winter.

Pirelli tires are among the highest quality and most advanced tires on the market. With an online comparison of the offers to summer, winter or all-season tires, each household saves money.

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