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Vredestein tires: Ultra sporty, ultra sure ultragut

Most drivers connect Vredesteinreifen especially top winter tires for years to score in independent tests with an unbeatable combination of driving safety, top design and driving pleasure. But the Dutch top brand still has much more to offer. For example, a forward-looking technology center, the expert knowledge and experience from around the world and combines consumer feedback tire development.

Ultra High Performance from the Netherlands

Unlike other top tire brands Vredestein can not point to a long history. In return, the company founded in 1946, has established its headquarters in the Dutch town of Enschede amazingly quickly on the market. Today Vredestein belongs to Indian Apollo Group, which took over the brand in 2005 by the insolvent Russian tire manufacturer Amtel. A stroke of luck for the Dutch: Only in 2013 was the parent company under the "tire Technology International Awards for Innovation and Excellence" awarded "tire Manufacturer of the Year". The Vredestein product portfolio includes today beside excellent winter tires and a wide range of passenger car, van and light truck tires for every season and every claim, but in addition also vintage tires, bicycle tires and agricultural and industrial tires. The knowledge of all these fields of application combined with the extensive Apollo distribution network and the skills of the Italian design company Giugiaro flows in 2013 opened the global research and development center in the Netherlands. For on Vredesteinreifen with even more safety, driving pleasure and comfort and away from all roads.

Vredestein tires not only in winter top

Vredestein's slogan "Designed to protect you" is to be taken quite literally. Especially the high-performance winter tires as the Snowtrac 3 convince independent testers (eg Stiftung Warentest, auto motor und sport) with short, safe braking distances, top behavior in aquaplaning, smoothness and on snow and a high level of driving stability and comfort. That is also the summer tires from Vredestein certainly are impressive, proving eg the Ultra Vorti, the 2013 one in the ADAC summer tire test of the top. 5 Persuasion can summer tires not only with an athletic, sleek Giugiaro design, but among other things with excellent grip, comfort and braking performance in all weather conditions.

Vredestein has created in a relatively short time an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of very high quality tires that connect on all routes and in all conditions uncompromising safety with exceptional tire design and high comfort. No wonder that most million drivers swear Vredesteinreifen, which set new standards regularly in innovation.

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