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Amazon Italia 
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20124 Milano.

Per chi deve recarsi presso la sede, gli uffici sono aperti dalle ore 07:00 alle ore 21:00.

Telefono: 02 36792000 - numero verde 800 145 851
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Shipping via: DHL

Information about Amazon

Almost everyone is familiar with the Amazon company. For those US shoppers they will depend on the Amazon usa shopping portal which is reached through the amazon.com website.

About Amazon

There are different reasons that you may want to know about Amazon . It could be that one wants to sell their products through this portal or it is also for the massive amount of shoppers that want a great online shopping experience.

Amazon Shopping

If you are new to Amazon shopping you are going to want to familiarize yourself with the Amazon America website, if you are a US shopper. Amazon has different websites depending on one's location where they can enjoy Amazon shopping. By going to the territory based site it means the majority of vendors that offering Amazon shopping will service your area.

Amazon Official Site

The Amazon official site for shoppers is amazon.com. This Amazon website offers an exciting shopping experience for all types of shoppers. It is a safe and secure platform. Once can shop with confidence at the Amazon official site because Amazon has very strict rules and guidelines in place for their vendors.

Amazon Online Shopping

There is nothing to say that it is only US residents that can enjoy Amazon online shopping. Shoppers from any part of the world have the option of going to the Amazon official website to shop. The challenge may be that some of the vendors here will not ship to your specific location. However, many of the vendors are capable of shipping to many parts of the world.

The Amazon Company

The history of the Amazon Company goes back to 1994. It had the beginnings of being a meager online bookstore. This is hard to believe when one looks at Amazon Inc. today and sees how far it has come. The Amazon Company is living proof that being customer obsessed which is what Amazon Inc. claims to be is very profitable.

Amazon Tires and Amazon Car Parts

While there are many different categories of products that can be found when taking part in Amazon online shopping, two of the most popular and important are the Amazon Tires and Amazon car parts. There are different ways that one can shop for these when using the Amazon USA online shopping portal. Once can search in general to see what is being offered. Or, if one is looking for a specific vendor under Amazon tires or Amazon car parts you can do a search on the Amazon site.

The Advantages of a Amazon Store

For those who want to sell Amazon Tires or Amazon car parts for example they can actually create an Amazon store. An Amazon online store is just like having a e-commerce website except it can be much easier. Having an Amazon store means the vendor has access to all of the tools that The Amazon United States portal provides. The Amazon store that a vendor can set up allows them to add as many products as they wish and gives them all the flexibility that a e-commerce store does.

Amazon Purchases

When one is making purchases from the Amazon United States portal there are many conveniences that come with this. They are able to shop through many different vendors. The platform is safe and security for making Amazon purchases. Many that have enjoyed Amazon usa online shopping have nothing but good things to say about it.

Amazon Tracking

Both vendors and purchasers can enjoy the Amazon tracking features. When one makes Amazon purchases they have access to their account which includes being able to use the Amazon tracking feature. This allows an Amazon United States purchaser the ability to see exactly where their order is in transit and when they can expect to receive it.

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