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0W40 oil - a low-viscosity oil with low friction loss

Motors transform the chemical energy of the fuel by means of combustion in work. Within this combustion produces gases that move the piston. In order to ensure a smooth piston stroke, the motor requires a lubricant, such as 0W40 oil. Smaller the amount of oil below the minimum, the lubrication is neglected and it increases the frictional resistance of the piston in the combustion chamber. It comes to the dreaded piston seizures, a usually irreparable engine damage.

0W40 lubricating oil for motor vehicles

Motor oils are available in various versions. All oils, as well as the 0W40 oil, are among the lubricants, they reduce the frictional resistance and thus ensure the preservation of the function. In the past, motor oils were divided into winter and summer oil, as a change according to the season was needed. Who went with summer oil, risking engine damage with costly repairs in his garage. In contrast to these so-called monogrades to multigrade oils are characterized by a high viscosity and can remain all year in the combustion chamber. but come for racing engines or extreme tours such as Polar expeditions in the 21st century still Monogrades used

Viscosity 0W40 - what the numbers mean

Since 1911, the so-called will of the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE viscosity grades set. For summer oils, there is the classification of viscosity class of thin liquid with the code 16 to viscous with the figure 60. At 100 ° C, the viscosity of the 0W40 12.5 mm² / s, a very good low-viscosity oil is. The winter oils differ in flowability according to the outside temperature, engine oils with viscosity 0W40 are down to -40 ° C still pumpable. However, should be paid to the manufacturer's instructions when choosing the engine oil, not all engines are compatible with the viscosity 0W40.

The 0W40 oil is a high quality engine oil, which is characterized by a low friction loss. It supports the work of the engine and throttled due to the low frictional resistance to fuel consumption. Although it is particularly thin, it supplies the engine with sufficient lubrication. However, this oil can not be used in all internal combustion engines, but should only on machines that have been approved by the manufacturer for the viscosity 0W40, are used.

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