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Viscosity 10W60: A powerful oil for high temperatures

The 10W60 motor oil is one of the most heat-resistant engine oils. It benefits from a very good high-temperature viscosity (to about 60 ° C outside temperature) and superior lubricating properties. Since it is a very broad viscosity range, it can be used by many vehicles. Appropriate information on the required specifications can be found in the owner's manual.

The "Castrol Edge 10W60" and the viscosity

For which temperature ranges suitable engine oil, describes the SAE class (10W60). The numbers describe the viscosity, ie the viscosity. Here, the first number indicates the behavior of the behavior at low temperatures and the second digit at high temperatures. The viscosity 10W60 is thus worth the multigrade oils, because it can be both high (60 ° C) and at low temperatures (to about minus 20 ° C). Offering the 10W60 oil from different manufacturers. The Castrol Edge 10W60 for example is one of the top products on the market. It also reduces the friction under extreme conditions reliably, since the metal contacts are reduced to one another by up to 40 percent. The duties of a good engine oil are to minimize wear and protect the engine. Dirt particles are reliably bound and the engine is cleaned. Also, a cooling effect takes place.

The "Shell Helix Ultra Racing 10W-60 engine oil"

Even Shell offers the Viskosotät 10W60. The "Shell Helix Ultra Racing" in the SAE 10W-60 is concerned specifically with the properties of high-performance engines. The fuel consumption is reduced with the use of this oil and the cold start performance is improved. The oil with the viscosity 10W60 provides good protection especially for the catalyst and the turbo engine. These are particularly vulnerable and are supported by the engine oil in its functioning.

Due to the high second digit and the low viscosity of the first digit 10W60 is suitable for many engines. It can be used for numerous high-performance vehicles. Whether you can drive the 10W60 oil, you can read the manual.

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