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5W30 oil - A viscosity class of multigrade engine oils

Since 1995, when the first direct injection and supercharged engines were introduced, increased demands on engine oils continuously. Since the engines are to find temperatures and pressures in excess of 200 degrees or bar inside, a modern engine oil has to lubricate not only the object, but must protect the same time, cool, clean and seal. Because of these ever-increasing demands in 1998 new guidelines for the specification, description and classification of engine oils were determined.

SAE viscosity grades - A measure of the viscosity

Newly introduced were in this context, the SAE viscosity grades. These are a measure of the viscosity of lubricating oils such as 5W30 oil. However, they provide no information on the composition or quality of motor oils. The abbreviation SAE stands for "Society of Automotive Engineers". Thus an association is meant that consists of engineers of the US automotive industry. The SAE took on the task, engine and transmission oils to standardize and to divide in viscosity grades.

What does 5W30?

A distinction is made between Single and multigrade engine oils. The 5W30 oil is one of the multigrade engine oils. The viscosity of 5W30 oil is largely determined by the individual numbers and letters. It describes the viscosity class "5W30" a certain temperature range (ambient temperature), for the oil works effectively. Through the first number before the letter W of the negative range is determined. When 5W30 oil means the number 5, that the oil can be used up to minus 30 degrees. The heat resistance is described by the second number. The number 30 means that an engine oil to a temperature of 30 degrees is flowable.

The variety of different manufacturer models and the complexity of the vehicle fleet make it difficult for customers to find their way in the market of engine oils. It is often assumed that the SAE designation contains statements about the quality of the oil. However, this is not the case since this designation exclusively conclusions on the viscosity of the oil allowed. In addition to the SAE class also is manufacturer released a product to be considered.

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