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Liqui Moly 0W-30 Motor Oil

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Liqui Moly 0W30 for long oil change intervals

The Liqui Moly 0W30 is a fully synthetic engine oil with special suitability for long oil change intervals with high motor loads. The ideal oil for modern cars with petrol or diesel engines, even with turbocharging and intercooling (LLK).

0W30 Liqui Moly for motors with high demands

The fully synthetic motor oil Liqui Moly is a combination of synthetic base oil and advanced additives. It guarantees a high stability engine oil. The additives reliably prevent deposits and thus ensure a long engine life. The reduction in friction losses in the engine not only reduces wear, it also ensures a low fuel consumption. Liqui Moly 0W30 is characterized by its fast oil supply to all engine parts in winter and high temperature resistance in the summer. Therefore, it is recommended for gasoline and diesel engines with turbocharger and catalyst.

Specifications of oil

0W30 Liqui Moly has the specifications API SM / CF and ACEA A3-04 / B4-04, they are by most automakers demanded. Liqui Moly recommends its use in vehicles for which the specifications MB 229.3, BMW Longlife-98 or VW 502 00/505 00 are required. The achieved by the oil engine cleanliness, in conjunction with the optimum oil pressure is achieved in all speed ranges, the oil makes them indispensable for long oil change intervals. Particularly when the long intervals, due cause by a low driving performance, long service life of the oil in the engine, it is increasingly on the stability of the motor oil. Then such Longtime oil is indispensable.

Excellent oil for most petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars, especially at extended oil change intervals. Liqui Moly 0W30 is characterized by low fuel consumption and a good cleaning effect in the engine.

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