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Liqui Moly 5W-30 Motor Oil

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Liqui Moly 5W30, low-viscosity oils for large fuel savings

To get the best performance from an engine, a high-quality engine oil is indispensable. Liqui Moly provides oils with an excellent price / performance ratio, for example, the Liqui Moly-5W30 motor oils, synthetic low-viscosity oils for high requirements. Liqui Moly Oil 5W30 the class lubricates under diverse conditions, its viscosity can withstand larger temperature fluctuations.

The technical characteristics of Liqui Moly Oil 5W30

In engine oils Liqui Moly the 5W30 specification is called low-viscosity oils. These engine oils are made ​​of special synthetic molecules with various additives and are specifically designed to reduce fuel consumption. For this purpose, namely, should not only tire pressure and vehicle weight to vote, and the right engine oil as a 5W30 Liqui Moly may contribute to lower fuel consumption. The Liqui Moly Oil 5W30 is extremely thin, but has at the same time a low viscosity to what the SAE 5W30 displays. Tested and approved the Liqui Moly-5W30 engine oils for engines from BMW, Fiat, Porsche, VW and Peugeot Citroen.

Areas of 5W30 oils

For optimum engine function motorists should especially in low-viscosity oils for use Manufacturer released. A Liqui Moly-5W30 engine oil convinces not only because it reduces fuel consumption; it remains fluid even at low temperatures and is recommended by an ideal all-seasons oil. High temperatures keep the 5W30 oils Liqui Moly from also and making them suitable for high-performance engines at high speeds. may be used in these oils both gasoline internal combustion engines and diesel engines with or without particulate filter.

Liqui Moly-5W30 engine oils are by their convincing lubricity demanding motorists pleased. At the same time, the low-viscosity oils help to save fuel.

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