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Liqui Moly 5W-40 Motor Oil

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Liqui Moly-5W40 engine oils for high requirements

Who is like to go fast, needs for a safe tire. But the right engine oil is important when the car at a fast pace function properly and the engine is at a premium. The Liqui Moly-5W40 engine oils have proven themselves throughout the year in the use and lubricate the engine immediately after starting.

Liqui Moly Oil 5W40: powerful all-season oil

A Liqui Moly-5W40 motor oil works equally reliable in diesel engines as in gasoline engines. Developed is a reliable lubricant that keeps the whole year its viscosity. Even in the cold season, the Liqui Moly Oil of 5W40 specification remains supple enough to coat the engine parts with a protective oil film. Even at high temperatures does not tear this lubricating film. Liqui Moly motor oils of viscosity 5W40 are thus optimal for the summer months and retain their lubricating effect both at low and high temperatures (about minus 30 to plus 40 degrees Celsius). Liqui Moly relies on synthetic oils with high-quality additives (additive packages); uniform molecules protect the engine against wear and overheating.

Reduced fuel consumption, powerful engines

The Liqui Moly oils of 5W40 class are modern low-viscosity oils. They can be used particularly efficient and also help here, to save fuel. Good lubrication and cooling properties reduce the friction of the engine parts and reduce in this way the fuel consumption. For thrifty motorists therefore worth in investment in such a high-quality motor oil. Admittance is 5W40 oil for numerous vehicle models, all information concerning the availability can be found in the operating manual of the vehicle.

Strong performance, good viscosity and fuel-saving features: Liqui Moly Oil 5W40 the class captivate the most discerning motorist.

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