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Conservative and the world of light alloy wheels

The heart of the metal processing industry of the German market for accessories for cars located in the Sauerland, where DEZENT has its headquarters. From here also the triumph of aluminum wheels began.

The development of aluminum wheels

It was still a few years ago the case that aluminum rims were rather regarded as a luxury product. were used, the wheels of cars in the luxury class or the upper class. The company DEZENT has scheduled its development at the exact point. First, the aluminum wheels were so drafted that they all classes and sizes of different cars can be used. On the other hand pricing design was held so that it fits into every budget. Here, the design stands out more clearly. Finally it is possible with the alloy wheels of DEZENT to make the vehicle as individual as possible.

Regular line extensions

Trends and innovations featuring the full range of Conservative, experienced growth regularly. Over 20 wheels provide users of motor vehicles a varied program, which is already beginning in the spokes. At least one size is available from each rim, the structures of the light-alloy wheels are worked out differently. Other wheels have the silver finish that is classic and powerful. Another possible that these can be acquired even in up to 13 sizes. This can therefore be used even more versatile because they can be used for small city cars, as well as for the elegant vehicles.

The varied program of DEZENT alloy wheels every vehicle owner can make up a notch individual. This is made possible by the very individual finishes or structures.

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