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Portrait over rim manufacturers Proline

The Mannheim-based wheel manufacturer Proline has in addition to the production and sales of aluminum wheels also prescribed accessories.

Proline: Dealing with the challenges of the market

Founded in 1996, is relatively small and manageable, but it has its place in the market fought. Here one is at Proline aware how important quality on the one hand and modern technology on the other and works exactly on this basis. Here, the manufacturer has to be completely grown over creativity, long experience and actual skill to these claims also can meet and the challenges of the market.

Development in-house

Responsible for all designs excels at Proline modern technology department. After an extensive review of draft, also part of the TÜV, the production will be outsourced to external foundries in the world. The manufacturer considers it important that its customers can expect consistent quality of rims and endeavors, moreover, to improve his designs at any time. Important is Proline, to generate among its customers understand that it is just not a commodity, not to the "wheel of the rod" is in the quality of products. Proline has a part aimed at classical models and molds, but is also ready to go at any time new ways and innovative, sometimes uncompromising new paths.

Quality made in Germany with the aim of the particular, which is Proline. Meanwhile, the manufacturer can provide a wide range of styles and sizes and it turns many of our customers who are looking for style and elegance of the host vehicle.

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