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155 70 R12 - great choice for trailers, especially on summer tires

The dimension 155 70 R12, which suggests the low rim size is usually intended for trailers, cars with 12-inch wheels no longer run for several decades on our roads, it existed but certainly once, about the classic Mini. Today only quads and trailers run on 12-inch wheels.

Away from old classics by some today only for the trailer

The classic Mini was still running on 12-inch wheels, a number of other classic cars even today do that but usually only car trailer. The dimension of 155 70 R12 therefore thus only provides trailer tires, but in a surprisingly wide selection, almost the selection of summer tires comes close. It is interesting in this tire size especially the high capacity - up to 900 kg per tire make this dimension generally very resilient and also for high trailer weights suitable. has acquired a very good reputation in this dimension, especially the Hankook RA08, with particularly good running properties, a high directional stability, which is also important for trailers, and special durability. But the GT Maxmiler or Maxxis with a style similar to truck tire tread have been proven in use and in tests.

For trailer tires special properties are required

Trailer tires must have especially a high directional stability, traction and grip mainly play a role there, where driving with high loads. Unlike car tires but is less important on the handling performance and wet grip, because the trailer tires is not steerable, and must drive no vehicle. This produces for trailer tires a completely different performance profile than for car tires. Important for trailer winter tire is, as with winter tires , especially the grip on snow and ice. Chain is to drive in the winter on its own problems for the handling, tires for trailers so must therefore road conditions that offer little support, are particularly well accessible. In the dimension 155 70 R12 is are good conditions are met, since a relatively high rim diameter for the trailer tire is available and compare a consistently high tread width with smaller trailers.

tires in the dimension 155 70 R12 are now used only for car trailers. Many classic small cars of the past still found 12-inch wheels in modern day vehicles but they are already no longer used.

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