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Help with Buying 16.5 tires

If you plan on buying a new set of r16.5 tires for that off road vehicle or just want to see what is out there that will look super cool on that lifted, tricked out pick up truck that you have been working on for months if not years then you need to do your homework and figure out a few things before making that purchase.

Some of the things you need to consider apart from just what would look really, really good on that project truck or your workhorse that gets you and out of the woods for work or just slamming around in the mud with the boys (and girls of course!) are the same things that any shopper needs to consider when purchasing a tires whether they be cheap 16.5 tires or the absolute best 16.5 inch tires on the market.

One of the primary considerations to take into account is of course your particular budget. You need to know firsthand exactly how much you can afford to spend before starting your searching for that perfect set of new 16.5 inch tires.

Once you have figured out how much you can reasonably afford to spend then you need to figure out exactly what you are going asking those new tires to do.

16.5 inch tires

If you plan to roll down Main Street on Friday nights to impress the guys and girls in that project truck looking as good as you possibly can then quite obviously you can get away with cheap 16.5 inch tires that look good but may not hold up to the loads of a more robust set of 16.5 inch tire sizes designed for just that…work.

The more serious requirements for truck tires of any size are that they will be able to hold up under the duress that the driver or operator will place them under. The cruising down town on Saturday night puts very little stress on those tires but under a working load those 16.5 tire sizes will need to be just a tad more able to perform those tasks without the fear of something going south which can be costly both in terms of time and money and in extreme cases can even mean the difference between life and death.

r16 5 tires

Just as with any size tire, 16.5 inch tire prices vary greatly largely dependent on the factors outlined above as well as some other considerations.

Tread pattern is also going to be a major thing to consider when checking the cost of 16.5 inch tires as this can play a large role in how much you will have to pay.


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If you need serious off road capabilities because you will be hauling heavy loads in some extremely harsh conditions then you will need to purchase tires with a tread pattern designed for that eventuality. The same goes if you will be facing adverse weather conditions such as snow, sleet or even heavy rains. All of these factors need to be thought through before making your mind up on what to finally buy.

Do your own research and think through all the variables and then punch in that data and we will give you the widest selection of tires and 16.5 tire prices on the web all in one easy to use and convenient location.

Finding the right tire at the perfect price for your individual budget does not need to be difficult but does require some effort on your part. We make it that much easier once you know what you want to buy. Try us and you will see what we mean!

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