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equip small and compact with 165 55 R14 tires

tires in the size 165 55 R14 are offered by several well-known manufacturers - mainly as tires for the summer . Given the broad range it is in this case can certainly find something suitable.

High traction and good grip

Besides Nankang example performs the well-known manufacturer Federal tires in the size 165 55 R14 in its range. Mention is the Potenza RE 030 MZ the Japanese company Bridgestone , a tire which can also come up with numerous good runnability. So convinced of this Pneu for the summer in the size 165 55 R14 with its good grip and high traction properties that does not subside even in adverse weather and road conditions. Equally noteworthy is the quick and easy draining of water, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning. In addition, you can look forward as a driver of the compelling handling, through which this model is characterized.

Low noise level and good braking

Besides Kumho also leads the Manufacturer Ovation summer tires in the size 165 55 R14 in its range. The latter presents the VI 682 also a powerful and qualitative summer tire which can come up with a good braking performance and a flawless traction. Add to that the high wear resistance, which makes the tire very durable and thus economical. Important to mention is the low noise level, so you can benefit from a high level of comfort even on long journeys.

Who is looking for a high quality and qualitative summer tires in the size 165 55 R14, will certainly find a suitable tire. This is namely offered by several well-known manufacturers and impresses with its many positive runnability. On a good stability, high security and a complete comfort thus you have to give at any time.

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