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tires sized 165 60 R15 have what it takes

Who is looking for a tire in size 165 60 R15, will find, for example, with the manufacturers Goodyear and hawks. This offer not only powerful summer tires also run strong tires for winter services to suit the needs and wishes all the customers to a great extent.

Good mileage and quick water drainage

One summer tires in the size 165 60 R15 is, for example, by the well known manufacturer Goodyear offered. The Duragrip XL is distinguished by a very high grip and a refurbished handling, which increases the stability and safety during each drive again. Equally noteworthy is the fast and effective water drainage, so you no longer have to worry about the risk of aquaplaning. Thanks to the good wear resistance, this tire is also distinguished in the size 165 60 R15 from its long service life and thus by high cost.

High traction and good handling

Also for winter tires in size 165 60 R15 can be as the owner of a car find it quickly. So has the renowned manufacturer Falken with the Euro Winter HS 439, a model of which has been designed specifically for the harsh European winter. This tire for cold weather can come up with a high traction and good handling properties, which do not decrease even on a slippery road or snowy surfaces. For a perfect driving pleasure created therefore in all respects.

Today we can look forward as a car owner on a good supply of tires in the size 165 60 R15, which are available on the market. In addition to tires for the summer there are also models that bring the driver safe and comfortable through the cold season.

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