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175 60 R16 - an everyday tire, with optional extras

The dimension 175 60 R16 is a fairly everyday dimension - but this is not true for all tires. Also in this dimension are some interesting tire special functions

Runflat - and you are not flat

Runflat technology, as in some models of Dunlop obtainable for example, is an interesting option for those who travel a lot. Punctures are otherwise the ultimate end of each voyage when the summer tires or winter tires has a flat. That happens today, although very rare, thanks impenetrable tread on most tires, but occasionally it is still available. With a runflat tire can then drive in case of complete air loss even further - and quite a distance away, usually up to 60 or 80 kilometers. Neither the tires nor the wheel being damaged, the tire also does not dissolve from the rim, as would be the case otherwise. But you have to go with a significantly reduced rate. When mounted runflat tires also an air pressure control system is required inside the vehicle, so you can not accidentally too far and too fast with plates, without realizing it. Runflat technology, there are, also in the dimension 175 60 R16 to have as I said already.

Spikes in the winter?

The times when you could hear rattling it in winter allenorts of the many studded tires are long gone. Spikes are today in most cases, a rarity in winter tires , some models, there are still equipped with studs or spikes. The driving behavior, especially traction and braking on icy surfaces are studded definitely much better - although the really good winter tires can already come close nearly to those benefits today. Many premium brands such as Michelin or Goodyear today only a few studded tires in the program, there are isolated, they still, even in the dimension 175 60 R16. For particularly difficult winter conditions, for example in the high mountains, studded tires may well still be very useful. Note you have in any case, the applicable legislation for spike tires.

Also in the everyday dimensions as 175 60 R16, there are some definite special tires - with run-flat technology, or with spikes for the really hard winter under difficult conditions.

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