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185 60 R13 tires Private car tires for small cars and compact class

A number of manufacturers offer their tire model in the dimensions 185 60 R13. The selection is still quite limited, although the size of good driving, distinguishes a high comfort and low fuel consumption.

A rich blend of ride comfort and economy

Especially for small cars such as the Fiat Panda, Renault Clio or Volkswagen Polo are tires of size 185 60 R13 an excellent choice. They offer a good mix between the most important characteristics of the tires: driveability, fuel economy and appearance. Visually make the tires discreetly zuückhaltend with its 13-inch wheels . The driving characteristics, the focus is on energy efficiency and ride comfort. In these two areas, the car tires can score, because the tread ensures low rolling resistance and tire height comfort, thanks to thicker rubber layer, positively influenced. In addition, the tire size 185 60 R13 is relatively low. The prices are on average between 40 EUR and 60 EUR.

Nexen summer tires in size 185 60 R13 - Very good grip in dry and wet

First-class handling for your buck with among others, the summer tires as standard Nexen CP 641 . The tires feature a classic grooved slat pattern and continuous center rib. Depth longitudinal grooves help to create a good grip on wet roads. to water forms under the tire, this is delivered quickly to the back using the longitudinal grooves. The continuous center rib ensures greater ground contact. In addition, wide slats on the shoulder blocks improve the stability of the tire and the braking characteristics. Approved the summer tires in size 185 60 R13 for a maximum speed of 210 km / h.

185 60 R13 tires are strong and comfortable with excellent driving characteristics. If you want to also save money, opts for a car tire this size .

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