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The tire size 185 70 R14: Comfortable tires for summer and winter

The tire size 185 70 R14 features a low fuel consumption, good driving comfort and excellent handling characteristics. The latter offer many advantages, which is why tires this size very popular especially in snow, mud and rain of winter tires are. But even in the summer tire dimension ensures a safe driving experience.

Smooth running tire for compact and small cars

185 70 R14 tires on vehicles ensure the small car and compact car for an attractive appearance. Their tire width of 185 millimeters, the tires have an optimum rolling resistance, which ensures a high level of traction while providing an economical driving behavior. The section height of 138.75 millimeters (185 mm * 0.70) affects the other hand, a positive effect on the driving comfort. Here the tire dimensions 185 70 R14 is characterized by smoothness and a good damping. In addition, resulting from the narrow tread of tires two other advantages: Firstly, the risk of aquaplaning is relatively small and, secondly, the tires can have a very good grip in snow.

Cheap winter tires with an optimal driving behavior

Excellent handling characteristics at temperatures below freezing draw the Nexen EUROWIN 700 winter tires of the size 185 70 R14. Responsible for this is, inter alia, the effective profile of the tire. The individual tread blocks are arranged so that the tire can grab fast on snow. At the same time the distance between the individual blocks for two positive characteristics ensures Firstly water and slush under the be car tires replaced quickly, thereby improving traction. Secondly, the Nexen EUROWIN 700 are self-cleaning. For high mileage also ensures the tread compound used.

Short braking distances and precise handling coupled with plenty of driving comfort make the size 185 70 R14 a good tire for small and compact cars. The winter tires of the series Nexen EUROWIN 700 have here the best price-performance ratio of this size.

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