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195 40 R16 tires - fast tire for sporty subcompact

tires of size 195 40 R16 include by their dimensions to the sportier variants for small cars. They offer a very good traction, precise steering and are designed for high speeds.

Full speed ahead with maximum traction

Choosing the right tires depends first of all on their own requirements from. Where is the focus? About the fuel consumption or rather in the handling on wet roads? Depending on what is more important, so does the degree of perfect change car tires . 195 40 R16 tires are particularly suitable for fast driving style. The combination of wide tread and low height of the tire has a large rolling resistance. The engine power is consequently effectively converted into forward motion. In addition, improving the braking and steering characteristics of a vehicle with increasing rolling resistance. Another positive effect of tires with the dimensions 195 40 R16 is that the flexing fails low, thereby increasing the mileage.

Safety matters: Optimum handling in wet and dry

With excellent wet grip, low rolling noise and a small price convinced the tire series Falken ZIEX ZE 914 The tires are designed in the dimension 195 40 R16 for speeds of up to 240 km / h. - Ideal conditions for fast compact car like the Opel Corsa OPC or Audi A1. Grip on rainy days which promise wide longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern, which drain water optimally. Outer disk, are also improving both braking performance as well as stability of the tire. The summer tires in 195 40 R16 measure can also convince when cornering and give each small car a sportier appearance.

Fast, agile and extremely durable - three attributes that car tires sized 195 40 R16 distinguished. Additionally, those who want to give his vehicle a sportier look, should absolutely access.

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