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The tire dimensions 195 45 R15: Strong performance for small and compact cars

The tire size 195 45 R15 provides to vehicles of the small car and compact class for a consistent appearance and excellent handling. Thanks to good steering and braking characteristics, the tires guarantee in all weather conditions for a safe journey.

An appealing level of ride comfort and low road noise

At first glance, the low cross-section of a 195 45 R15 tires falls on. This makes for a sporty appearance and caused several positive characteristics. Among other things, a high cornering stability score the tires. Added to this are excellent handling, strong traction and an attractive level of ride comfort. The width of the tread is also chosen so that car tires of this size are also economically. Designed are tires sized 195 45 R15 for high speeds to 240 km / h. Cheap tires of this size, there are already for sale for around 40 euros.

Marangoni Zeta LINEA Summer tires - precise handling and short braking distances

Whether premium manufacturer or low-cost provider, the choice of tires of size 195 45 R15 is extensive. With superb driving characteristics and a low price attracts example the tire series Marangoni Zeta LINEA . Particularly positive cut the tires in the wet grip from, but also the energy efficiency of tires is convincing. Responsible for this, including the V-shaped tread pattern, which efficiently carries away water and has summer tires provides excellent braking performance. There are also low rolling noise and a comfortable ride in the sun and rain. The Marangoni Zeta LINEA in size 19 45 R15 have the speed index V and are thus suitable for a speed of up to 240 k / h.

A good driving performance and comfort make tires in size 195 45 R15 an absolutely recommended tire size. With the tire series Marangoni ZETA LINEA also a low fuel consumption is assured.

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