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195 45 R17 tires: Comfortable car tire for small and compact cars

A good mix of performance and driving comfort have tires of size 195 45 R17. Visually, the tires work best in sporting small and compact cars such as the Audi A1, VW Golf GTI or BMW 3 Series. Priced to tire of this size move between 80 and 120 euros.

Excellent handling characteristics on wet and dry roads

With its dimensions convince 195 45 R17 tires in many ways. The tire width of 195 millimeters requires both a good grip on asphalt as well as a low fuel consumption. Both attributes are also determined on the tread, where: So wide the tread is, the better the grip of the car tire . Fuel consumption, however, will be greater and accepts smaller area from. The size 195 45 R17 lies in the middle and therefore good results in both disciplines. When driving comfort on the other hand counts the height of the tire. A tire height of 45 percent of the width guarantees an appealing level of comfort and excellent cornering stability.

Sporty look thanks to striking rims

For a sporty exterior, the inside diameter of 195 45 R17 tires provide. This is designed for distinctive 17-inch rims, which come especially to small cars to advantage. In addition, the wheel size ensures a smooth running of the tires. First class tires in size 195 45 R17 summer tires Series Yokohama's drive . The high-performance tires are distinguished by an excellent wet grip and out through an attractive fuel consumption. The summer tires have the speed index W and are therefore approved for speeds of up to 270 km / h.

An excellent performance in all weather conditions combined with ample ride comfort, which are tires sized 195 45 R17. Additionally, those who must pay attention to the budget, should opt for the tire series Yokohama in this size.

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