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tires of size 195 65 R16 commonly found on vans and light trucks use

Modern vans and transporters are approaching their performance increasingly cars on. These services will be brought, especially in summer by corresponding tires on the road. Since it is precisely in the transport industry time plays an important role, shippers are having a high quality truck tires best advice. The format 195 65 R16 is as tires for optimum performance, both on dry roads and in rain. Recent tests confirm precisely the products of the premium manufacturer excellent values ​​at the points rolling resistance, wet grip and noise measurements. In addition, premium tires sized 195 65 R16 have a high mileage potential.

The tire price often does not tell anything about the quality

Transport services must be carried out in any weather, so we are in the cold season, good winter tires for minibuses and vans of vital importance. Winter tires in size 195 65 R16 can be a hit with ice and snow each cargo. A comparison of different manufacturers with winter tires shows that in the selection of truck tires in size 195 65 R16 the price is little indication of the quality. The driving characteristics on wintry roads are in the premium tire 195 65 R16 almost equally well, but wait expensive products with better noise measurements on.

All season tires for vans are often a sensible alternative

tires in size 195 65 R16 can as weather tires make sense, especially when the minibus or van is more than in the metropolitan areas of the road in the mountains. All-season tires in 195 65 R16 format combine the good characteristics of summer and winter tires. That is, good traction on dry and wet surfaces and good traction and safe driving characteristics on wintry roads. Benefits arise mainly financially because no costs for multiple tire changes per year incurred. In a sudden onset of winter, the transporter is always frosted right, even to the police.

The tire size 195 65 R16, the buyer can on many products in different price ranges recourse. Choosing the ideal tires, whether summer / winter tires or all-season tires can be taken only after the respective field of application, by the purchaser.

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