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tires in 205 80 R16 - for heavy off-road classes

Large and heavy off-road vehicles often use this tire size to better move the high vehicle weight through the countryside and to achieve a better drivability. But there are also pure road tire in this size.

The all-rounders the field belongs

Since very few heavy SUV only be driven on the road or in the terrain, but most are alternately in each of these situations in operation, clearly belongs to the allrounders among the off-road tires . One of the all-rounder in the dimension 205 80 R16 is the Pirelli Scorpion ATR - he is a fully grown off-road tires which can compete both in the field and he on road. Good traction on any surface is combined here with robustness against damage and good wet grip and short braking distances on the road and very reduced noise. That makes him among the all-rounders to a real recommendation about how many reviews. In areas with mild winters the Scorpion may well as off-road tires throughout the year to be driven.

Also road models are mostly still slightly off-road capabilities

Since the dimension 205 80 R16 is practically exclusively for off-road vehicles, many road tires here usually have at least a little off-road capability on. The Road Venture of Kumho can also still drove example than summer tires on many not too difficult substrates. For real terrain him but the robustness and resistance to possible damage missing, and the traction performance is optimized for road use. Unlike the ContiCrossContact of Continental, the 205 80 R16 is a true all-season tires for the road in the dimension, the Kumho suitable in our latitudes rather only for summer operation.

The tires in the dimension 205 80 R16 mainly dominated by the all-rounder for land and road use. The designed more for the road tires are especially a lot of good all-season tires in the program, such as the ContiCrossContact.

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