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tires with 205 mm wide

tires which are 205 mm wide, are prepared for all types of automobiles. From cars in the small and compact cars over offroader and SUVs to vans segment the range of 205er tires is huge.

Perfect traction and lower fuel consumption

The dimension of a tire significantly influences its properties. In particular, the tire width plays a crucial role because it plays the size of the tread. Tire with 205 millimeters width produce an ideal degree of traction with its tread. This is determined by the rolling resistance, which grows to be taken tread constant. About the grip of a tire traction, brakeman holding and handling are determined. The following applies: The more grip has a tire, the better the handling. However, increasing the adhesion to the fuel consumption. but tire width 205 can also convince in this area and remain extremely economical thanks to low fuel consumption.

The ideal width for every season

Another advantage of tires 205er division is that the tires both as winter tires convince as well as summer tires . Especially in the winter lose wider tires fast grip on the road, because the vehicle weight is distributed to a large running surface and the surface pressure thus becomes smaller , This makes the tire rests on the layer of snow and the profile can not engage properly. In addition to the tire width and the height affects the attributes of tires. So also increases the driving comfort with increasing altitude. The amount is given by a ratio in the tire marking. A tire of dimension 205/80 R17 for example, has a section height, which makes up 80 percent of the width (205 mm * 0.8 = 164mm) 205/55 R16 is one of the most popular tire sizes for Automobiles.

tires 205 mm buy online cheap and compare prices

tire with 205 millimeters width as tires for cars, vans, off-roaders and SUVs offered. They also excel in high efficiency and excellent driving characteristics.

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