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The 215 35 R17 as one of the hottest summer tire par excellence

In the set of tires 215 35 R17 is a summer tire which is characterized by its high quality and correspondingly long service life. It is produced by many tire manufacturers , about Hankook and Continental, Achilles and Yokohoma. Benefit can be by the way of a high speed tolerance of around 270 km / h, a load capacity that exceeds the 80th In summer tire tests, the tire also repeatedly by its excellent grip from, in particular those of Continental, which has repeatedly winner was.

great design

The 215 35 R17 Pneu distinguished addition to the aforementioned attributes by a great design from, which comes in black or silver black color depending on the manufacturer. A very popular example of the classic black design is that the winner: The Continental ContiSportContact 3 .

Reasons for the popularity of the tire

The dimension 215 35 R17 is a much used in the field of sports cars. Another reason for the popularity of said tire is the high number of accessories that appear technically and color compatible with this. For the 215 35 R17 tires can also right so no problems rims find.

The 215 35 R17 completely convincing. The great design, quality of grip and the perfect speed tolerance, but also driving dynamics and compatibility with accessories, especially wheels, ensure that the summer tires can always overlook the street. That Continental is here, of course emphasize, though one can relate the tire about other brands.

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