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The tire size 215 35 R18 guaranteed fun with the Mini

In the dimension 215 35 R18 is a sporty low-profile tires, which is driven, for example on the Mini. The Mini has a cult status and compared to previous years, these vehicles have very little resemblance to the older models. With some of more than 200 hp, these cars offer in curves and on straight stretches driving pleasure at the highest level.

Comfort in driving the technical field

The small vehicle models from JCW, BMW, John Cooper, etc. show a dynamic and powerful performance. A tire of all the necessary conditions are met to enjoy the driving pleasure. The wide tires 215 35 R18 provides motorists technical driving range a high comfort. Despite the less common tire size manufacturers invest heavily research effort. The dimension 215 35 R18 ensures sufficient grip and stability. The summer tire supports a controlled driving on dry and wet surfaces.

Premium manufacturers scored by quality

Compared to other or widespread dimensions are hardly relevant tests for passenger car tires with the dimensions 215 35 R18. the magazine has devoted a car image almost identical tire size (225 35 R18) recently. We tested the summer tires from premium manufacturers and some models from the low range. In accustomed strength showed the tire manufacturer Continental and Bridgestone. Both models (Bridgestone 001 and Sport Contact 5 Potenza S) convince aquaplaning. Even on dry roads is guaranteed a pleasant handling of the car. Due to good properties on different road conditions also shines the Nexen N 8000th

The dimension 215 35 R18 provides for each vehicle represents an enrichment. The tests show that it is worthwhile to invest one or two euros more to a better performance of the car tire to benefit. A tire with which the different sections of a route can be completed safely and with a high fun factor.

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