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For the light middle class: Size 215 35 R19

When looking for the right summer tires is or winter tires, we often come to the dimension 215 35 R19, which has less to do with the series name of different manufacturers, but in fact with the basic nature of the tire. Because the designation 215 35 R19 includes the dimensions of the tire.

One of the classics of the spacious middle class

Searches a one tires of size 215 35 R19 means that you are looking for a 215 centimeter wide tires that presents both a height of 35 centimeters and a inch size of 19 inches. Most of the meaningful combination of numbers, however, does not end with these numbers: For added yet always the load index and speed rating. Most types of tires of size 215 35 R19 have a load index 85-80 and a speed index of W or V on.

215 35 R19 - High demand, wide selection

tires with the dimensions 215 35 R19 are typical and popular sizes that are mainly suitable for sedans like the VW Golf 5 and the Renault Megane. Therefore, tires in size type 215 35 R19 also of the different producers (such as from Michelin , Toyo, Yokohama, Pirelli and Continental) available as over for the summer, winter and all year round and also in a variety of price and performance ,

Due to high demand you have to really not looking at tires of size 215 35 R19 long to find the matching - no matter what exactly you are looking for. Here are just a convenient yet quality models from Eastern European or Asian stores as well as from well-known German production.

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