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215 40 R16: A qualtitav quality tire dimension

Today, let both tires and rims purchase low on the internet. With a free online comparison quickly Items of dimension "215 40 R16" in the field of summer, winter and all-season tires.

What does the label "215 40 R16" in detail?

The choice of car tires is large and the markings for laymen often confusing. At the factory, each vehicle is equipped with a standard rim and the matching Pneu. The rims are entered on the registration document. However, information on the wheel size can be found in addition to the car rim itself. These are usually on the inside of the spoke, or stamped in the area of ​​the hole circle. In relation to the labeling of tires 215 40 R16 215 indicates the tire width, the 40, the ratio of tire height to tire width. R16 stands for Radial construction as well as for the rim diameter in inches. When buying new tires should be paid to quality. Here, quality car tires recommend with regard to the wet grip, for only thus it is guaranteed that the vehicle when wet does not lose the "bottom". Another aspect is the noise, because the smaller it is, the more relaxed is designed to drive. With the tire advice correct tire label can be found for every quiet, powerful and high-quality tires.

Winter, summer and all-season tires

For the specified tire size course there are specially adapted tires, adapted to the season. Every car tire case has specific advantages and disadvantages. The use of all-season tires has the advantage that they can be driven in all weather conditions. The cumbersome replacement of the car wheels from winter to summer tires deleted. Although many manufacturers to improve the quality and on, these tires still exhibit a slightly higher wear compared to summer or winter tires.

With an online comparison of the available tires in size 215 40 R16 quickly find bargains renowned tire manufacturer.

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