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The tire dimensions 215 50 R16

Width, cross-section and diameter - these are the key data for the tire choice. The vehicle registration certificate informed by what dimensions of your own car can be combined. For sports cars especially broad tires are popular; tires in size 215 50 R16 fall here on account of its extremely wide appearance.

Extremely wide tires for the middle class

215 mm wide, 50 percent aspect ratio and a diameter of 16 inches, converted 40.64 cm - these are the exact measurements of the dimension 215 50 R16. These tires meet the needs of many drivers to ever wider tires. Suitable tires this dimension primarily for athletic middle class. In fact, this size is one of the dimensions rarely offered; mostly tires can be found with a larger aspect ratio, for example, dimensions of 215 60 R16 or R16 215 65.

Safe and comfortable roadholding

Among other things, under the Kumho summer tires and in assortment of Achilles tires are 50 to find the dimension 215 R16. The wide tires give cars the middle class, a particularly stable roadholding. Even in curves to maintain the tires exactly the track and can be controlled easily. Drivers who value particularly wide tires, therefore like to put on summer tires in this size, as they combine a high level of comfort with reliable security.

tires with the dimensions 215 50 R16 are not so widespread in road transport. Combined, the sporty tires with matching rims; are frequently chosen alloy wheels of 16 inch diameter . In many embodiments, they underscore the dynamic look of wide tires.

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