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215 65 R15: tire for the middle class

tires with the dimensions 215 65 R15 are much driven tires. The optimum cornering grip, perfect road - thanks to the innovative profile - and a long service life allowing a comfortable ride. For use of the tires but comes with the dimensions 215 65 R15 mainly in medium and compact class vehicles even in SUVs.

Performance strengths of Dimension 215 65 R15

The dimension 215 65 R15 is particularly suitable for compact and medium range. Special features of this dimension - for example, the model FULDA Carat Progresso - are the low rolling resistance and good wet performance. in wet and dry road braking distances increase short driving safety. For increased water absorption, the new profile is responsible, which has a positive effect when aquaplaning. The new material, the full-silicate mixture is extremely robust and guarantees as well as the tires Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response in 215/65 R15 96H SPT long life and high mileage. The strengths than winter tires this size are usually good traction and good cornering stability on snow. A uniform wear at high mileage distinguishes many tires in size 215 65 R15.

The new EU tire Label

The review of the EU label the tire Semperit Speed-Life (215 65 R15) is consistently positive. The fuel efficiency is indicated with C, due to the greatly reduced rolling resistance. It is saved as fuel as CO2. In the wet grip EU label review is C. This means shorter braking distances and a good wet grip. The noise group has the value of 72 dB. Thus, the external rolling noise and the noise emission in itself is a good value.

The tires of the dimension 215 65 R15 is designed for compact to mid-range as well as SUVs. Its technical features (profile, material, noise) as well as its efficiency enable high driving comfort and make it acceptable for the environment.

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