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The tire dimensions 225 45 R16

Choosing the right tire determines how safe the vehicle is traveling, but also affects the appearance. Ideal for a dynamic driving style and a sporty appearance are tires in the dimension 225 45 R16. They are suitable for the Ultra High Performance range for high-powered luxury cars.

What does the tire size?

The tire size is the size of tires. The first number refers to the width, the second for the ratio between height and width as a percentage, the third number, finally. For the diameter in inches tires sized 225 45 R16 are therefore 225 mm wide, have an aspect ratio of 45 percent and a diameter of 16 inches or - cm. In addition, there is radial tire , that's what the R in the dimension bar. In these tires is sporty wide tires that are especially used for ultra high performance range. Your wide surface allows these tires to drive even at high speeds.

Pneus from cheap to price intensive

In a very broad explanations tires in size 225 45 R16 have a more moderate diameter. Thus they provide a very high level of comfort and can be even at fast speeds yet control well and safely. Offered both summer tires and winter tires in this size, with features such as discount Toyo winter tires and summer tires in the premium segment of Uniroyal. Pneus in this size so there is even for smaller budgets.

tires sized 225 45 R16 are permitted in high speed classes. The wide design offers high security - both at rather cheap tires as well as premium tires .

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