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225 70 R15 tires - laufstarke Transporter tires for every season

The dimension 225 70 R15 is frequently used in the tires of vans, minibuses and vans. A variety of manufacturers offer summer, winter or all-season tires with these dimensions. Pricewise 225 70 R15 tires Transporter average between 50 and 150 euros.

Less wear and a lot of traction

The demands on truck tires are partly different than car tires: truck tires have a higher vehicle weight to withstand; Additional weight due to contents or persons may vary widely; Buyers pay more attention to a fuel-saving and laufstarke tires. For these reasons, require a relatively high light truck tires Tread for damping and an additional reinforced carcass. The Transporter tires with the marking 225 70 R15 have a relatively wide tread which has a positive effect on the traction. Most Pneus this dimension are designed for speeds up to 180 km / h.

Two tire series for summer and winter

A good summer tire for small vans in the dimension 225 70 R15 is the Nokian Hakka C Cargo . In developing the transporter tire has placed the emphasis on stability and high mileage. This allows the vehicle even with a heavy load can be precisely controlled. In addition, the tread pattern of the Nokian Hakka C Cargo has a wear indicator. If someone looks for an excellent winter tires with the dimensions 225 70 R15, is the Michelin Agilis Alpin right. Short braking distances, precise handling and an additional edge protection provide in winter for a safe journey. Add to this a particularly long service life thanks to thoughtful block pattern and a special rubber compound. The Michelin Agilis Alpin are approved for a maximum speed of 170 km / h.

Tough, strong and fuel-efficient - these three wishes have most of the owners of vans, minibuses or vans. Tires sized 225 70 R15 have the basis for these properties and are therefore always happy bought.

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