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225 70 R16 tires - the right dimension for cars, SUVs and ATVs

tires with the dimensions 225 70 R16 are designed for both cars as well as for off-road vehicles and SUVs. A greater diversity is however offered in the field of off-road tires.

Maximum driving pleasure in terrain and on asphalt

The combination of wide tread and large tire height is typical of off-road tires. The reason is the measure through related characteristics: a wider tire has more grip and is therefore more traction; a large tire height means more rubber profile, which bumps under the tires are better damped. Two very important aspects for the trip off well-constructed roads. 225 70 R16 tires are available as summer, winter and all-season tires. Renowned tire manufacturers like Bridgestone, Pirelli or Continental offer the size as well as to smaller manufacturers. Depending on the provider and series cost 225 70 R16 tires between 60 EUR and 180 EUR.

Good performance from January to December

Inexpensive, strong and with good handling presents the tire series Goodride SU 307 M + S . The all-season tires of the dimension 225 70 R16 belong to the best of its kind. At the same time they convince through a constant positive power of January to December. By zigzag extending longitudinal grooves in the tread mud and rain by draining water. Additional steel segments at an even better grip and off the paved road. Those looking for an all-season tire with a more comfortable ride, however, is in the series Pirelli Scorpion STR better off. The tires are suitable for a maximum speed of 210 km / h.

Whether on asphalt or in the ground, the 225 70 R16 always deliver from a good performance. Moreover, tires of this size offer through their tire height much ride comfort. The selection of suppliers is large, offering ours.

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