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235 30 R20 tires as visual highlight

tires are not always purchased because of their excellent performance. The dimension 235 30 R20 provides a visual delight, the few can resist. Already from afar the advantages of this are car dimension to recognize, thereby also increasing interest in this size can be explained.

The rising trend

The tire size 235 30 R20 can be found in many places in the upper price range again and is usually used to sporty vehicles. The rising trend of this format gives consumers the opportunity to choose from a wider range. Counted the dimension 235 30 R20 in recent years to a little-used tire size, this now enjoys greater popularity, thus the quality demands on the manufacturers. Consumers spend long since not only with an eye-catcher satisfied to determine then that the dynamic driving fun with the summer tires is not given.

Premium manufacturers offer safety

Production of tires 235 30 R20 carried out by well-known and lesser-known manufacturers. A test of Auto Bild revealed that the various models exhibit significant differences, which are frightening part. Not a single tire manufacturer in the low range managed to meet the criteria on wet or dry surfaces only approximate. Balance and quality showed only the summer tires from Continental (Sport Contact 5P) or Goodyear (Eagle F1 asymmentric), ensuring a comfortable and safe driving behavior. Furthermore, the tires from Pirelli and Dunlop showed good values.

The dimension 235 30 R20 experienced a strong upward trend. The combination of performance and appearance is appreciated and accepted by consumers. Who no great significance can get the road safety, can acquire the new and elegant tire models at an affordable price. Quality is guaranteed, however, only from premium manufacturers.

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