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235 55 R18 - wide tire or normal tire?

tire model having the dimension 235 55 R18 are for cars, offroader and SUVs manufactured. Particularly good results are obtained in traction, braking and wet grip. Visually, the present 235 55 R18 tires particularly sporty thanks to large rim and wider tread.

Wide footprint for more grip

235 55 R18 tires are partially counted among the wide tires, even if it is a bit too high. The contact area is very wide, so that a soft rubber compound can be used. The reason for this is that the total weight of the vehicle spread over more area than narrow tires - the load per cm² is thus less. The softer rubber mixture initially leads to an improved grip. From this fact results in shorter stopping distances, a precise handling in wet and dry conditions, and a more effective driving performance. About the tire height, however, the ride comfort is also determined. The amount of 235 55 R18 tire provides enough cushioning for a comfortable ride.

The ideal summer tire for passenger cars and off-roaders

In the area of 235 55 R18 tires including the Ventus ST RH06 M + S is of Hankook recommended. The tires for ATVs is characterized by balanced properties in the area driving performance, durability and energy efficiency. In EU tire label wet grip and fuel respectively to the class C (AG) are marked. In addition, the tire line, the M + S marking. For Automobiles contrast is Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 a very good choice. The high-performance tires puts her focus on wet grip and also gives you a low rolling noise.

235 55 R18 tires are commuters and located exactly between the normal and the wide tires. The right mix: good traction and braking performance of the wide tires and extensive ride comfort during normal tire results in a harmonious overall picture and a prime tire size.

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