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235 55 R19 tires - high-traction tires for fast driving comfort

tires sized 235 55 R19 are typical SUV tires that are characterized by a high speed index, excellent travel comfort and driving stability. The wide tread makes the tire of this size also extremely high traction.

Maximum driving pleasure in SUV

235 55 R19 tires are mainly used for off-road vehicles and SUVs manufactured. The ratio of height to width is beneficial to the cornering stability of the tires from and to the traction. At the same tire height is so great that a high level is guaranteed to ride comfort. Especially off the paved roads to makes it more noticeable rubber. Tires sized 235 55 R19 often have a high speed index and are approved for speeds of up to 270 km / h. Average are tire of this size depending on the manufacturer in the price range of 150 EUR to 200 EUR.

Premium tires sized 235 55 R19

With good services for traction, wet grip and braking response, Bridgestone are Bridgestone DUELER HP SPORT is a good choice for SUV owners. In the dimension 235 55 R19, they are suitable for example for the Mazda CX-7 or the Volvo XC60. The radial carcass of SUV tires consists of double steel belts, with an additional reinforcing nylon braid. Due to the special design of the carcass more cornering stability and more precise handling are given. The Bridgestone Dueler HP Sport 235 55 R19 are designed for a maximum speed of 270 Km / h. Also recommended are the Pirelli SCORPION VERDE AS ECOIMPACT which are slightly cheaper. Moreover convince the Pirelli Pneus by slightly better values ​​of fuel consumption.

Who in his garage are a offroader or SUV, should check whether the 235 55 R19 tires suitable for the vehicle once. For tires of this size have many advantages and are especially suitable for speeders.

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