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235 70 R15 - good grip for heavy vehicles

The high tread width, coupled with a low rim diameter, provides mainly for a rich state of the tire on the road and a good weight distribution. This dimension will therefore frequently for particularly heavy vehicles and in particular off-road use.

Good traction and perfect grip

Especially heavy vehicles are brought by wheels with smaller rim diameters not only significantly more agile in their driving behavior, but the high vehicle weight is also to the road when doing a larger tire width is selected. This dimension is found also frequently in severe off-road vehicles and off-road vehicles. The tires in 235 70 R15 are designed mainly for road use, but all have very good traction properties and maintain high vehicle weights through curves well on track. The King of off-roaders Cooper Discoverer MS , proves here too as a winter tire, which is in many comparison tests very far forward and can hardly be beaten by its competitors. Cooper has long glt as a specialist off-road tires , especially for vehicles with high weight and small rim diameter.

Some notable summer tires on the market

Shiny also intersects the Avon Turobosteel from - a summer tire which can be distinguished in particular by smooth running and low noise, while the Bridgestone A / T in the dimension 235 70 R15 also can shine with off-road use - at least on gentle terrain, in difficult conditions here are just real Stollenreifen really effective. The aggressive profile of Bridgestone allowed but quite already exploring less fortified regions away from the city streets, he proposes, after all, also on soft surfaces going strong, and digs even courageously through mud and slush. The Cooper Cobra is a proven piece that long a good reputation in this vehicle class enjoys the Dunlop Grand Trek also offers good performance, but shows for off-road tires often typical wet weakness.

Heavy vehicles, especially off-road vehicles and SUVs often carry the dimension 235 70 R15 - coupled with small rim diameters a wide contact patch ensures agility and traction properties. Most tires available are also optimized for this profile down.

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