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245 35 R19 - high-traction wide tires with maximum cornering stability

The flat wide tires has taken strong in recent years to popularity. Dimensions as 245 35 R19 are no longer a scarce commodity, and can be found at many motorists on the secret wish list again. No wonder you do provide excellent handling characteristics and a sporty look.

Precise steering at high speed

The criteria for a good car tires vary from buyer to buyer. However, DC is that an excellent performer must perform optimally in its territory. Car tires have the size 245 35 R19 their emphasis on traction, handling and cornering stability. The tires have a broad tread, which in turn allows a soft rubber compound. Softer rubber results in improved traction and thus more traction and shorter braking distances. The low tire height of 245 35 R19 tires has an advantageous effect on the subject cornering stability. The sidewalls of the tire deform less and thus guarantee a smooth running even at high speeds.

Large wheels and wide tread for a sporty overall image

A very sporty wide tires with the dimensions 245 35 R19 is the Yokohama Advan Sport . The Pneu is approved for a top speed of 300 km / h. In the wet grip of the tires in the EU label has been classified with the class B. The inner diameter of the wide tire is suitable for visually striking 19er wheels, which act even bigger thanks to low height. In combination with the wide tread the Yokohama Advan Sport ensures a sporty overall image. Priced tire is just under 200 Euro. Is much more favorable to the Nexen N 8000 . The wide tire has a good grip in dry and wet conditions. Circumferential grooves in the tread also reduce the risk of aquaplaning.

High speeds, a striking appearance and maximum cornering stability - 245 35 R19 tires meet all the criteria that expects a motorist of wide tires.

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