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245 70 R16 - terrain tires for off-road vehicles and SUVs

tires sized 245 70 R16 are commonly found as tires for ATVs. Through its high flanks and the wide tread tires of this size are ideal for off-road use. They also provide specifically for SUVs a high degree of comfort.

More driving comfort in terrain

With a width of 245 mm have terrain tires over a relatively large tread. This fact has a positive effect on the grip. Among other things, because the vehicle weight distributed over more surface and tire manufacturers therefore can use softer rubber compounds for their products. The improved grip makes itself felt in turn the traction and the driving and braking characteristics. 245 70 R16 tires convince at all the above features and also provide the driver with a high level of comfort. This is due to the tire height, which is relatively high with 70 percent of the tire width. Because a higher tire also has more rubber that can dampen vibrations at.

Inexpensive and balanced - the summer tires of Sailun

A cheap and highly reliable tire size 245 70 R16 is the Sailun TERRAMAX CVR XL . The marking XL says here that this is an additionally reinforced tires, which has a higher load capacity. Convince, the summer tires of Sailun both wet grip and fuel consumption. Both are specified in the EU tire label with the classes C (AG). An above-average value which can be attributed also to the innovative tread pattern and special rubber compound. In combination with the low price, the off-road tire of Sailun are an excellent choice.

Terrain tires sized 245 70 R16 are more successful in traction and driving comfort. The higher fuel consumption but is sometimes lowered by rubber compound and tread pattern, so balanced tire model of the highest quality produced.

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