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245 70 R17 tires - qualitative models for four-wheel vehicles

tires in the size 245 70 R17 is available both as a summer or a winter tire. Who also looking for a high-quality and high-performance all-terrain model in this size, given the wide range can also be quickly find.

traveling safely and comfortably

Whether for summer or winter - tires in the size 245 70 R17 can be found in many well-known manufacturers in assortment. Besides Nexen and Cooper example, Roadstone or General tire offer models in this size. Suffice it to mention also the Dueler HT 684 2 TZ by Bridgestone , a summer tire which draws attention to itself with a strong running performance and a very good braking and cornering behavior. In addition, this tire in size 245 70 R17 by a good handling and a sure grip, features that continue in the higher speed ranges by no means. In terms of comfort and stability so you have to give up anything.

All-terrain tires that can convince

Also in the field of all-terrain tires can be found as the owner of a four-wheel vehicle, a good selection of models in the size 245 70 R17. Known manufacturers include Nexen, BF Goodrich, General tire and Cooper. Also worth mentioning is the model Rotiiva AT the Finnish manufacturer Nokian , a tire which has already repeatedly cut outstandingly well in tests. So he convinces with its high grip even in challenging terrain, the excellent handling and the low rolling resistance, which makes the model very economical and environmentally friendly.

Qualitative tires in the size 245 70 R17 offered both as a summer and a winter tire from various well-known manufacturers. Who is looking for a powerful all-terrain tires for his off-road vehicle or SUV, can also look forward to a broad and comprehensive offer.

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