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255 30 R19 - the dimension of muscular sports car

The tire dimensions 255 30 R19 is muscular and very powerful sports car reserved. Here it is all about a lot of grip, good handling and solid braking performance of the tire.

For supersport in Action

In size 255 30 R19, there are only car tires , which also satisfy the most sophisticated demands. Especially with high-powered and fast vehicles, it is important that even during fast cornering and rapid acceleration maneuvers of the tire does not lose the grip and also when decelerating high power rating values ​​- whether on wet or dry roads. Just the wetness characteristics distinguish here the wheat from the chaff - the Hankook Ventus S1 Evo belongs here to the premium tire of this class. Especially his wet properties can perform it much better compared to other tires. But the Uniroyal Rain Sport or Michelinl Pilot Super Sport deliver in this dimension good performance. In the budget segment especially the Accelera Phi and the Toyo Proxes get people talking.

The dimension in winter

Winter tires in size 255 30 R19 have to meet high performance requirements -. Especially because it is extreme low-profile tires and the engine of the vehicles even in winter no less grip requires as in summer, the road conditions are considerably worse winter tires have here so much heavier. Typically, therefore, other dimensions are provided in these vehicles, so as not to endanger the safety for winter tires. In the summer, size 255 30 R19 are virtually no truly suitable winter tires on the market that would actually provide more appropriate services.

The size 255 30 R19 is intended for fast and high-powered sports cars, and here especially in the summer use. The performance of the individual models differ mainly in their moisture characteristics. For the winter is avoided in most vehicles to other, less extreme dimensions.

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