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255 45 R17 - sporty and safe here is the motto

In tires of the size 255 45 R17, the motto is that they can almost everything must - they must on the one hand allow a sporty driving style, the other hand in heavy luxury cars also sufficient to provide comfort and safety reserves.

Especially Allrounder are here in demand

In this tire size, 255 45 R17, especially the all-rounders are wanted models. No extreme low-profile tires more, but driven low, sporty stance and on many models often long distances under all possible everyday conditions. A good compromise between all properties provides the Falken FK 452 under the summer tires is who manages to bring a lot of good properties here under one roof and is also still a summer tire from the budget segment. The ContiSportContact of Continental heard in this segment almost to the classics, which sets a new benchmark, while the Bridgestone Potenza here also has its loyal followers.

Winter resistant and yet sporty

In winter safety clearly have established traditional brands in the lead, when you can go to the common test reports - however, many of very good tires from the budget segment are often not tested with what many then can eke an unknown wallflower, though they could actually keep up with the big. But in this vehicle segment and in size 255 45 R17 many just grab reflexively used to and familiar back as the ContiWinterContact or the Pirelli Sottozero - for example, while the Maxtrek Trek M7 is rather viewed with skepticism. In this case, the way to injustice - he is an excellent winter tires with well-balanced performance. Especially in winter makes for selecting the right tire and the vehicle characteristics and driving an important role - whether sports car or purely sporting superclass, whether driving in the border area or in the upscale luxury sliding. Accordingly, the comfort expectations of the tires are different.

For the dimension 255 45 R17 especially sporty full-size cars, the tire carrier - depending on vehicle characteristics are here but where significantly different performance focuses on the tire choice and consideration should be taken.

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