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255 50 R20 tires - wide range of compelling models

tires in the size 255 50 R20 are both cars as well as for off-road vehicles produced. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of models for the summer and for the winter, so that you will certainly find a suitable tire.

High-quality tires for the summer

All well-known manufacturers such as Pirelli, Michelin or Bridgestone summer tires of size 255 50 R20 in their range, which are suitable both for cars and for SUVs. A familiar example is the Ultrac SUV Sessanta XL which of Vredestein is offered. Meanwhile, running strong performance was also confirmed in tests over again. He stands as well as other tires in the size 255 50 R20 with a very good traction and a high grip, which has a positive effect on driving stability and safety. At the same time 255 50 R20 tires boasts a fast and efficient drainage, which significantly reduces the risk of aquaplaning.

safely during the cold season and comfortable on the road

Of course you have to do without in the winter months on nothing. Winter tires in size 255 50 R20 there are example of Pirelli or Yokohama, popular also is the Cross Contact Winter XL from Continental . This is characterized as the other models by a good mileage and a strong performance from properties that does not subside even with very slippery surfaces and icy roads.

tires in the size 255 50 R20 offered for both the winter and the summer. In addition, the customer can appreciate the wide range of different models for the cars and for the off-road vehicle, which facilitates finding a suitable car again.

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