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255 70 R15 - a robust tires for ATVs

tires measuring 255 70 R15 are off-road and all-terrain tires for SUVs. The tires are suitable. As for driving on country roads as on grass or muddy roads

Powerful high profile tires

The first value of the tire gauge 255 70 R15 indicates that this is a very wide tires. The number 255 is considered the tire width in millimeters. Wide tires provide large contact areas on and off the road. therefore They are characterized by a good grip. That there is a case that tires off-road tires is, is mainly due to its high profile to recognize. The two-digit value in second position of the tire labeling for tires sized 255 70 R15 is a percentage by which the profile height can be determined. The value 70 indicates that the profile height of this tire is 70 percent of the tire width of 255 millimeters. Since this profile height corresponds to the flank height of the tire, is this is a very high tire which ensures a relatively wide distance between the road and body.

Imposing belted stable cornering force

The letter R in the tire labeling for the tire size 255 70 R15 stands for radial tires. Tires in radial construction are also known as radial tires. The Kasskadenfäden these tires are disposed radially, giving the substructure of the tires a high stability, even at the imposing Nexen tires Roadian shows. The final value of the tire label indicates that the rim diameter is 17 inches.

tires of size 255 70 R15 are are robust all-terrain and off-road tires. As the Cooper Discoverer they show not only on smooth roads good performance, but also on grass and gravel stones.

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