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26 inch tires

26 inch tires are especially cyclists a term. For conventional car this big tires are hardly used. Their diameter is more than half a meter, so that substantially exceeds the standard which applies to most modern vehicles. There are two exceptions, however: SUVs and classic cars.

Off-road tires in large dimensions

Among other Pirelli presents 26 inch tire for SUVs ago. Large, powerful, high performance SUVs are equipped with these tires. When off-road tire, they have a rough profile, which provides on the road and off the slopes equally convincing safety features. Some classic cars, including in particular vehicle models from the United States are also higher placed with these very large tires. The look is initially rather unusual, fall tuned cars in this country but rather by a lowered body on. Admitted are 26 inch tires also not in any case. The vehicle registration certificate informed by what tires the host vehicle may street.

tires for professional use in agriculture

Another type of vehicle is equipped with tires of 26 inches diameter: agricultural machines such as tractors require large dimensions to safely move over the field. Among other things, the manufacturer Firestone has corresponding tires in its range. Agricultural tires are characterized by a very rough profile which ensures a good grip even on muddy terrain. the 26-inch tires for agricultural machinery are mostly combined with robust steel wheels, which also rough terrain and heavy loads do not mind.

26 inch tires are no tires for small city cars or sporty coupes. The large dimensions are particularly suitable for heavy, off-road vehicles, which have to move securely over any terrain.

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