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Knowing Your 275 70 r18 Tires

Typically used for SUVs and larger cars, these are known as all-terrain tires because they have the sort of grip that allows them to traverse both regular roads and dirt roads. Your 275 70 r18 tires have a lot of shock resistance. This means they may be knocked around rather harshly on rough terrain, and they will still perform very well.

Your 275 70 r18 tires are determined as such:

  • 275 is the width of your tires in mm
  • 70 is the aspect ratio (ratio of height to width)
  • r18 is the diameter of your wheel in inches measured by the size of the rim
  • R means this is a radial tire

275 70 r18 Special Features

Your 275 70 18 tires are not sports tires. They work well in almost all travel conditions, with the exception of heavy snow. Your 275 70 r18 tires have very good on-road traction, and yet are made from compounds that allow them to perform very well off road and on all terrains, be it dirt roads or gravel.

If you shop around for tires, you can get the sort of 275 70 18 inch tires treads that suit you. For example, if you wish to do a lot of off roading, then you can buy tires with a thicker and deeper tread that is able to withstand very difficult terrain surfaces. On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a high quality and safe tire that is good at braking and taking corners, then there are 275 70r18 tire diameter tires that perform very well on town and city roads.

How To Get The Most Out of Your 275 70 r18 Tires

It is true that 275 r70 18 tires are very hard wearing and are good for all-terrain travel because they handle knocks and scrapes very well. However, they will suffer if you overload your vehicle, if you do wheel spins, and if you over or under inflate them. They are hard wearing, but they still need care and respect. If you are looking to drive your family around in an SUV, then the 275 70 18 inches tire is good because it performs well when braking and when cornering. Its fuel efficiency is not as good as other tires, but this is price you pay for having a more hard wearing tire with good traction.

Getting The Best 275 70 18 Tires

The cheapest 275 70 r18 tires are often not the best value for money. Even though you save a bit of money, you lose that all important lastablity and clever traction. The higher 275 70 r18 tires prices are in the mid-range price, which may be a little more than you want to pay for tires. But, they have sophisticated tread patterns that allow your tires to quickly adapt to and from off-roading and on-roading. Look for 275 70 r18 tires for sale where you are given plenty of choice, because the higher priced tires do last a little longer.

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